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  • About Us

    Broken Wings UK are specialists in Honda Goldwings, breaking all models from the 70’s to the latest models. We have over 30 years’ experience in dismantling motorcycles and motorcycle parts.

    We buy Honda Goldwings of all ages and conditions, completely standard, Goldwing trike conversions, unfinished projects, engine failures, MOT failures or even insurance write offs. We collect for nationwide for free and give the best prices. Call us or fill out the sell my bike form for a quick quote!

    Goldwings through the years

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    GL1000 (1974-1979)
    The 1975 K0 model featured a single overhead camshaft, liquid-cooled horizontally opposed 999cc engine, shaft-drive, with triple disc brakes, which was a unique feature for Japanese motorcycles. Another unique feature was the dummy tank which opened up to reveal the electrics, cooling reservoir tank and kick-starter lever. The US model incorporated a reserve lighting system.

    Then came the 1976 GL1000 K1 model. This was the first model available in the UK. There were slight differences to the K0 model with lighter green instruments and revised pin-striping. Part way through the series Honda added a differential grease-nipple, carburettor linkage guard and oil site glass wiper.

    In 1977 the GL1000 K2 model was released. The changes for this model had more chrome, the top engine mounts were chrome instead of black and the exhaust downpipes had chrome covers. The speedo and tachometer’s faces became black. The handle-bar grips were now made of neoprene and had chrome ends. The US market got a new seat and higher handlebars and the UK model had the rear indicators moved and were now mounted next to the rear light. In the same year the Executive edition was released in the UK. Only 52 of these were ever produced.

    1978 saw the introduction of the K3 edition. This was pated to have three gauges mounted at the front, the fuel, temperature and new voltmeter. Also new were the side panels, wheels, brakes and a chromed exhaust system. The carburettors were smaller in size and the timing had been altered, this was to give the bike more low-to-midrange power. Honda strengthened the frame and removed the reserve lighting system and kick start. The 1979 model was the GL1000 KZ. There were a few changes. The wheels were changed to a larger spokes with aluminium rims. Other changes were the brake discs. The USS and Canada models had a new instrument cluster. The CBX type had a different rear light cluster and indicators. Also the bike now sported black handle-bar levers.”

    GL1100 (1979-1983)
    The 1980 GL1100 A/IA/DA had a 1,085cc engine, with electronic ignition. A variant of this model was the U.S. Interstate model which had full fairing, saddlebags and a removable top box. There were additional features too with the option of a CB radio, Clarion Stereo and other instruments.
    The 1981 GL1100 B/DB/IB/DXB had an updated orange and gold colour instead of pin stripe. The instruments were slightly different with improved night time illumination. The bar end weights were removed. The Interstate model had different engine bars and a scratch-resistant adjustable screen. The Interstate models for this year in the UK were quite rare with only 150 models brought over from the states. They were named the DXB Deluxe model.

    1982 GL1100 C/AC/DC/IC had new brakes with twin-piston calipers, wider tyres on smaller wheels (US and Canada only), self-cancelling indicators, lower gear ratios, also redesigned engine-bars. The Aspencade model was introduced, this had two-tone paint work, larger two-tone seat, and passenger bags mounted on each side of the top-box. Inside the top-box there was a vanity mirror, map case and quilted liner. The type II AM/FM stereo was now standard and the bike featured an air compressor so the front and rear suspension could be blown up or down. The air pressure controls were mounted on the top of the dummy-tank. All three disc-brakes on the Aspencade were internally ventilated.

    In 1983 the GL1100 D/AD/ID models had some major changes.  The secondary and first gear were changed and 5th became OD, the rear air suspension could be run with no air. Cosmetic changes were 11 spoke cast aluminium wheels (US and Canada only), TRAC anti-dive system, unified braking system and larger flatter foot pegs, but the Interstate and Aspencade had adjustable rear passenger pegs. The Interstate and Aspencade had the top-box moved up and back. The engine-bars were redesigned again. The Aspencade featured new front and rear disc brakes (front internally vented only) and the air compressor controls had been moved up by the ignition switch and the all new LCD instrumentation which had a special maintenance indicator, which was positioned beneath the odometer. This indicator changed colour every 8000 miles indicating you should change the oil and filter.

    GL1200 (1983-1987)
    The GL1200 was a completely new look bike. It had larger luggage and instrumentation. All models had the inbuilt stereo system. The power delivery and handling was improved by the all new weight distribution and smaller wheels with larger tyres. The engine size was increased to 1,182cc with hydraulic valve adjusters.

    1984 GL1200 E/AE/DE/IE still had the Interstate and Aspencade models. All bikes had the new fairing style. The Aspencades had a light bar across the top box and the Interstate models was a dummy. All models had a Panasonic Type III audio system that had AM/FM radio, cassette and intercom. The Aspencade had passenger footboards.

    1985 GL1200 AF/IF/LF models saw many changes to engine, instruments and switch gear. The standard version was dropped and replaced with a new top-of-the-range Limited Edition. This was the first fuel-injected (CFI) Wing. It featured self-levelling suspension, cruise control, four speaker system, extended exhaust tailpipes and a comprehensive electronic travel computer. In the new lower part of the fairing were cornering lights, the bike also came with fairing and saddlebag marker lights. The one thing that made this bike stand out was the two-tone metallic gold paint work and Limited Edition emblems and was the first GoldWing to be painted Gold.
    1986 GL1200 IG/DG/AG/SE-iG was the third year of the GL1200 and again some small updates like larger hydraulic tappet oil chambers.. The Interstate now had the top-box stop/tail light unit fitted, the exhaust down pipes were modified and split in two. The 1986 SE-I was introduced. The SE-i basically was a LTD in a different colour (two-tone pearl white). The Aspencade and SE-i had a Dolby noise reduction system added to the Panasonic stereo. The SE-i was only officially available in the U.S.A.

    1987 GL1200 IH/AH was the last year of the GL1200 series. It had small changes, a new tapered seat design with three stage foam which was much wider. The Aspencade got the SE-i fairing lowers (but with no lights), the cruise control and chrome radiator trim. Also some more bodywork, with a fairing lower air-dam and engine side covers, the pin-striping on the lid of the top-box and saddlebags was also redesigned. Apart from the colour, the UK bike was the same as the year before and didn’t come with the goodies the American bike did.

    GL1500 (1987-2000)
    1988 GL1500J was the first six-cylinder GoldWing with its 1520cc SOHC engine, two valves per cylinder. It retained air-suspension, although only on the rear right-hand shock, this can be adjusted using the on-board compressor that also features an air-outlet. One main feature was its luggage; it was centrally locked in the top-box with three levers underneath, with the panniers becoming clam-shell type. The stereo system was a new 24-watt per channel AM/FM stereo cassette with automatic volume control and an integrated intercom. The GL1500 featured an adjustable windshield which was forty percent larger than the previous year’s and adjusted by 2 and a 1/2 ins (63.5 mm) with no tools. It also was the first model to feature the iconic electric reverse gear.

    The 1989 GL1500K had revised brakes. This was a reduced number of slots in each disc. Two new colours joined the Martini Beige they were Wineberry Red and Blue Green Metallic, on this colour the front rotor covers were colour matched to the belly-pan. The 1500/6 emblem on the rear of the right pannier was replaced with one just saying Honda.

    1990 GL1500L/SE-L made some slight changes to this year’s GoldWing by redesigning the brake discs with a hole configuration instead of slots and turned the spokes around on the rear wheel. The carb and camshafts were revised for better drivability and noise reduction. The bodywork was tightened-up for a better fit and finish. This same year the GL1500 SE (Special Edition) was introduced, this model came with two-tone pearl white paintwork, a windscreen vent with three position opening, upgraded full logic stereo system, illuminated handle bar switches, a waterproof cover to go over the seat when it rains, rear spoiler with running/brake light, adjustable rear passenger floorboards and a rider foot warming system. All the emblems were redesigned, with the side cover GoldWing emblem being colour matched.
    1991 GL1500IM/AM/SE-M had one colour for each model Beige (IM), Black (AM) and two-tone Gold (SEM). The Interstate was a stripped down version, the reverse gear was removed along with the cruise-control and stereo, although a small Kenwood radio was fitted in the left fairing pocket. Passenger floorboards were replaced with pegs. Every GoldWing produced for 1991 came with a numbered plaque by the ignition key and anniversary edition signature on the front garnish. The SE came with a new chrome front garnish and grill, also the SE and Aspencade sported gold cam-cover emblems and chrome rotor covers. The European SE model was offered without the rear top-box spoiler.
    1992 GL1500IN/AN/SE-N had no major changes apart from the colour, Metallic Teal (USA & Canada only). In Europe the SE was offered in Black and now sported the rear spoiler although the LED running/brake light was a dummy. The Aspencade & Interstate were offered in two colours and the big change this year was the stereo on the Interstate. The all-new integrated AM/FM audio system with 25-watts of power featured standard Goldwing speakers, intercom system with a liquid-crystal display. The unit also had a CB interface, handlebar mounted controls and a special input jack so owners could plug in cassette or CD players. The new system was now mounted on the top of the shelter, but increased the Interstate’s weight.

    1993 GL1500IP/AP/SE-P had some changes. The SE and Aspencade’s cruise-control was up-dated and now reads crankshaft speed directly. The SE model now incorporated the CB radio and rear speakers as standard equipment. Black now joined the Blue and Red on the Interstate and Aspencade, with the SE now available in three colours two-tone Metallic Teal, Pearl Blue and Pearl White, also Honda offered the SE in a solid Pearl White. More two-tone panels were added to the top-box, panniers side-cover, shelter and front mudguard. European markets were offered the SE in two-tone Black with Brown panels.

    1994 GL1500IR/AR/SE-R only had changes to the colour. The Interstate and Aspencade had Pearl Dark Teal join, Red and Black, while the SE had Pearl Green, Pearl Teal, Candy Red (all two-tone) and Pearl White (Solid).

    1995 GL1500IS/AS/SE-S were the 20th anniversary models which features front and rear emblems. The suspension was recalibrated which led to the bike’s ground clearance being reduced by 1in (25.4mm), in-turn the wheelbase was reduced by 0.4in (10mm) this improved the GoldWing’s handling while maintaining the overall comfort. Other items redesigned were the new headlight signature, chrome trim around the top-box, chrome aerial bases and redesigned seat. The seat height on all models was reduced to 29.1ins (739mm) and a lower windshield was fitted.
    The 1996 GL1500IT/AT/SE-T model saw Honda UK offering British buyers a choice of colour on the GoldWing, Two-tone Pearl White or Pearl Green. US model upgrades were confined to colour change, on some colours the belly-pan and heat-shields became the main colour. Although the Aspencade had the audio system upgraded to the full-logic unit of the SE.
    1997 GL150AV/SEV saw the introduction of the Valkyrie the GoldWing which had some engine updates, the crankshaft main bearings, pistons, rings and final drive gear. The gear box also had redesigned parts, along with the clutch. The handlebar switches now used new international approved graphic symbols. The fairing cockpit and seat are now black on all colours. The Interstate model had been discontinued from the line-up.

    1998 GL1500AW/SE-W model was the second face lift of the GL1500 with new front disc-covers, new clear headlamp and turn-signals (America, Canada and Japan) and new fairing side vents. The instrumentation was revised with the speedo, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges now having white faces, giving the instruments a sportier look. There were also larger rocker-box covers and new designed engine guards. The seat was now two-tone grey and black, with the passenger backrest being reshaped and incorporating a lumber support, also the waterproof seat cover featured on the SE models was discontinued. The side covers and top-box featured a new GoldWing emblem. A new chrome surround was fitted around the number plate and the exhaust silencers got new tail pipes. For the European market the rear lighting was altered, the new licence-plate holder was lowered covering up part of the stop/tail light, therefore the lighting was moved to the saddlebags. Also unique to the European market was the colour combination of Black with Dark Pearl Twilight panels on the SE model.
    1999 GL1500AX/SE-X – Honda celebrated its 50th anniversary with the 1999 GoldWing being adorned with 50th anniversary emblems on the front garnish, rear top-box lid and in the cockpit, also the ignition key. The only other changes this year were colours, Pearl Merced Green replaced the Pearl Chaparral Beige. The Japanese market got a unique colour combination this year with Honda importing 240 Pearl Glacier White with a Grey Stone Pattern panel.
    2000 GL1500AY/SE-Y Was the last 1500 model. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the GoldWing with only the American and Canadian models having commemorative emblems. Other changes were to the instruments, they returned to black faces as a lot of owners complained they couldn’t see the white faces at dusk. The cam-covers are now chrome-plated.

    GL1800 (2001 – PRESENT)
    2001-2004 GL1800 was a big revamp from the previous 1500 model. An obvious change was the 1832cc engine, making a far more powerful bike. The frame became an aluminium box-section frame. The body shape changed and as the model went on further features were added.
    2005 GL1800 30th Anniversary Edition came in many new colours including Metallic Silver, Pearl White, Pearl Yellow, Dark Metallic Grey, Bright Metalic Blue and Candy Black Cherry. The special 30th anniversary badges matched the colour on the front fairing, rear book lid and dash cover. There was also a 30th anniversary edition key. The dash came up with a 30th anniversary opening display on the LCD display. The seat had a carbon fibre design. These features distinguished the 2005 model.

    2006 – 2011 GL1800 elevated its status as a luxury motorcycle by adding a 6-speaker premium audio system with 80 watts per channel as standard. Extras included a colour sat nav system, a cold-weather comfort package and a fully integrated motorcycle airbag!

    2012 GL 1800 had updated styling and all-new sophisticated electronics including a GPS Sat Nav with the ability to share favourite riding routes which can be accessed by an online computer. There was also a built-in MP3/iPod interface for the new SRS CS Auto technology surround-sound system.

    In 2015 came the 40th anniversary edition which features extra colours, blacked out wheels, forks, frame, swingarm and exhausts, along with some 40th anniversary badges. But the standard model remained the same up until 2018.

    2018 GL1800 Tour was a massive revamp of the previous model. The engine became a 7 speed DCT. The front forks were replaced by double wish-bone suspension. The bodywork was re-worked to become far lighter. There was also new technology with Apple CarPlay integration. This wasn’t the only model either.

    The standard model had a few different features, there is no pillion back rest and the screen is smaller which are the obvious differences.

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